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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Importing drugs into the United States wrote that GSK Canada began to limit supplies of medicines on prescription identified Internet pharmacies in Canada for export to the United States or elsewhere. At the same time, the company is to preserve an adequate supply of
medicines for Canadians. Critics argue that the companies motives were purely financial, it is not.
GSK estimates cross-border online sales of its products currently account for less than a day of total sales dollars. Canadian Internet pharmacies engaged in these practices violate U.S. laws designed to protect patients.

GSK shares the very real concerns American patients - particularly the older generation - for access to medication prescriptions, as well as drugs provide significant value to both patients and our health care system in terms improve health and quality of life and lower total cost of health care. Understandably, patients will look for ways to save money - especially those who pay for soma medicines out of their own pocket - and international sales of Internet access by what patients believe, cheaper versions of conventional drugs available in Canada.
Sales are not FDA approved the drug in the U.S. clients through the Internet, with all its attendant security issues, this is not the way to resolve the issue of access to medicines in the United States. Passage of Medicare prescription drug benefit accordingly to ensure affordable access to medicines for the American elderly. Instead of supporting the illegal trade and poorly regulated and potentially unsafe business practices, older Americans should be encouraged to contact their representatives in Congress to pass Medicare prescription drug benefit.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Work started on creating a genetic map of human brain

Scientists from Allen Brain Research Institute (Allen Institute for Brain Science), which is located in Seattle began work on a new big project. They planned to create a three-dimensional map of genetic human brain, reports
It is expected that this project will be completed within four years, it has provided an impressive amount of 55 million dollars.

In this work, scientists are going to describe 20 thousand genes, which are responsible for the human brain. The specialists will study some two thousand human brain areas, with the result that planned to find out what the impact their work has on the genotype.
American scientists have expressed hope that a deep understanding of the role that each gene plays in the process of the brain, will develop new and effective methods of care for incurable diseases to date, therefore, such as autism.

This Institute was founded in 2003. Funds for its creation was donated by one of the founders of Microsoft Paul Allen